The Valley Players next production will be a one act play entitled ‘Missing’, which we hope to enter in several festivals in 2012. This is a rather more serious piece of work, and has a mixed cast of 20.

This is now in rehearsal and will be premiered at the Richmond one act drama festival which will take place at the Georgian Theatre in February. This is a beautiful theatre and one of the oldest surviving theatres in England.

  • Anonymous

    My name is Jenni Mode and I wasn’t able to attend the audition today at 2pm, and I am really interested in auditioning for this piece. I have have a real interest in performing Artaudian styled performances and physical theatre performances. If it is possible for me to audition please let me know. I am incredibly interested in being apart of the team to produce serious theatre.

    Thank you.

    • djenane

      That’s fine Jenni. I hope you can come to the first rehearsal on Thursday at 7 p.m in Emmanuel Church Hall, I look forward to meeting you, Djenane
      Sorry you missed last night’s rehearsal. We are fully cast now and have the go ahead for the Richmond festival.
      We are next rehearsing on the 21st, at 6.30 in the church.